My Own Projects: Ideas for Development

Ideas for Development


060315 Prelim sketches

060315 Prelim sketches


Series of self portraits as a comment on global events. Rather a grand statement but the intention is to simplify opinion with gesture and facial expressions.  Initially, making sketches in preparation – I have a high level composition in mind. Work in progress.




Lino Cuts using Life Drawings
Loose idea of three colour or tonal scheme of lino cuts using life drawings from classes.  Inspired by article in Artists & Illustrators magazine, April 2015 issue 350 by Chris Daunt using a technique explored by Picasso.

Last year I attended a monoprinting workshop ran by my portrait and life drawing tutor, Mike Bragg.  He thought it would be good for me as it is a more painterly way of printing.  I had never done this before but found it a most enjoyable day.  We were encouraged to work into these prints further at home to make each original from the master. In the workshop, we had a life model in the morning to work from, and then worked with our sketches in the afternoon.  I have an embryonic idea of combining this technique with still life with a Patrick Caufield inspired twist – it may or may not work, it may also work better with lino cut. I was very inspired by my research into Patrick Caufield in Drawing 1 and like to include cast shadows in my work if appropriate.