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Bio: First time OCA student studying for BA (hons) Degree in Painting.

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  1. Hello Gina, I came across your work after researching preparatory sketches as this is an area of fine art I think I need to develop. Your drawing and painting work is wonderful, fresh sincerely observed and vibrant. Can I ask you you think the OCA is a good option for studying fine art? I would be a mature student and looking at my options (I used to work in graphics). At the moment I have loads of ideas, can draw, but struggle tin the process of developing sketches into well drawn and executed paintings, as they often use various imaginative imagery which is quite challenging to put together in a painting.
    I wondered if you attend various local classes to feed into your OCA studies?
    All the best with your work, kind regards
    Ps my email is


    • Hi there. Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you for your kind words. Personally I think the OCA is a great way of pushing through further education. I do think though, from talking with other students, that it depends on how you learn. If you are comfortable with limited guidance and happy to interpret briefs in your own way and are self motivated, I would say go for it. You need to give yourself the time and freedom to work. I and many of my colleagues have hit “walls” and faced self doubt, in fact I’ve just recently come through such a stage. I think this is natural and every now and then one needs to check that this is still what you want. It does take a long time but nothing is a waste of time – I don’t regret it at all. I’m learning every day. Good luck!


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