Tutor Feedback – Response and Reflection – Introduction


Introduction to this Section: Tutor Feedback – Response and Reflection

This has been an area where, from having read somewhere that it was not desirable to post your tutor feedback without their permission, I have neglected to at least respond to areas formally. Previously I had alluded to feedback and subliminally applied advice that was given, but not categorically responded or reflected upon it in my Learning Log.

This is in itself a response to my last feedback – as my tutor struggled to find any cross referencing to any previous comments. To be honest, so did I, although I have viewed suggested video, artists and taken advice on board, it is very sketchily documented if at all.

In an effort to rectify this, I have created this section to note suggested actions and processes and my responses. I fear I can only apply this to my current course of Printmaking 1, and will try and back track to previous reports. What I find I will document, however, retrospectively it may not be of the quality I would like, but from here on (Printmaking 1 – Assignment 4), I will include this in my Learning Log process.

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