Research Point: Contemporary Printmakers who Heavily Rely on Texture

Research Point: Contemporary Printmakers who Heavily Rely on Texture

Find some contemporary printmakers who rely heavily on texture in the prints. What sort of textures have they used to create effects? How well has it worked?

I found a few contemporary artists who predominantly use texture in their work, although most seem to make abstract images.

Anne Moore: on studying some of her work, I can see she uses or re-uses found objects and scraps for her prints.  Bubble wrap is readily identified,torn paper and cloth, metal washers and gaskets etc. these all produce introduce impressions and shapes and give her work an originality and allure.

Liz Perry: Liz obtains a lot of her inspiration from nature and uses leaves, bark etc to create texture in her work. She makes monotypes, some of which she combines with block printing. Her work is abstract but gently so and definitely has its roots in the natural world. The images produced are colourful and full of texture from the natural objects she gathers.

Lynn Bailey: Again using naturally found objects such as leaves and various flora, Lynn creates some abstract and some more realistically grounded images. With her base painted or transferred images such as landscape or wildlife, the natural masks used add texture and pattern to her final prints. These work well, however I am more drawn to the pure textural abstract images with their richness of colour and pattern.


6 thoughts on “Research Point: Contemporary Printmakers who Heavily Rely on Texture

    • Hi there. I’m really enjoying it – have learnt so much already as I’ve nor really touched on printing before other than one workshop. I think that as your drawing skills are good that will be a great base for this course. Hope that helps 🙂

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      • There is quite a bit. I had 3 tubes of water based inks, 1 roller, a small piece of Perspex and an old window from a camper van already and that got me going. The main thing I needed was lots of paper so bought a pack of 100 sheets of A2 cartridge – buying in bulk is cheaper. Since then I’ve hit some oil based inks (much better) and 4 more rollers. You don’t need to buy everything at once and you can get good prices on Amazon. They recommend Great Art which does have everything you need but takes ages to deliver. Hope that helps!

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      • Thanks that’s really helpful! I must admit more costs does put me off a bit. I will study the samples for this and the media one closely – very near to deciding!!

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