Research Point: Other Student’s Learning Logs for Printmaking


Research Point: Other Student’s Learning Logs for Printmaking

Before you get started, see if you can find any learning logs (blogs) online by other OCA printmaking students… Make notes in your own log (or blog).

First confession, although I did read through the course before-hand, I was so excited about getting going with this, I seem to have glossed over the “Before you get started…” bit!

Well, better late than never!

This was definitely worth doing and, possibly even better than doing it before my first experiments – I, at least now, have a rough idea of what they are saying. Some students are obviously following a printmaking degree pathway and have had previous experience, others, like me, are dipping their toes in for the first time. Here are a couple of examples covering that range.

Experienced Printmaker

Some interesting approaches here – where she has struggled with water-based inks drying too quickly, gum arabic was used on the printing plate first to allow the ink to be lifted off more easily. Plus soaking, then blotting the paper prior to printing seems to be a successful technique to overcome this problem. I haven’t yet had my oil based inks arrive so am manoeuvring my way round with water-based inks and will bear this in mind. It was also interesting to read that this student was using an old mangle as a print press – that’s probably given it away as to who this is!

Leisure Student

This student has taken many OCA courses over the last 6 years and is doing Printmaking 1 as a leisure course. She has no significant previous printmaking experience. I have to say, however, that the variety of visual arts courses she has experienced has fully informed her printmaking and has opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities there are with this subject. The imaginative imagery and combination of existing skills with the newly learned techniques make for exciting viewing.

I can see that this could be very addictive and will definitely improve and awaken my creativity.


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