Life Class – 26 September 2015


Life Class – Kathy 09.30-12.30

First class back after summer was surprisingly full. Even our tutor was taken aback as he had prepared the room for the students to be around the model so that viewing was 360 degrees. However, we squeezed in, and as ever, I decided to stand at my easel so found a slot. As it was the first session I’d attended for a while, I chose to use drawing media and not paint this time.

We had a new model, Kathy, who was tall and voluptuous and very still – a gentle re-introduction. We had a fairly traditional session with some shorter poses, followed by a long one.

4-5 minute poses with spear Pencil on A2 paper

4-5 minute poses with spear
Pencil on A2 paper

The first few were around 4-5 minutes and had the prop of a spear, these are always a little tricky as I need to warm up and adjust to scale of the model etc. I failed to contain the entire figure within the paper, however, I concentrated on the stance and showing weight and solidity.





Three views of same pose 10 minutes each Charcoal on A2 paper

Three views of same pose
10 minutes each
Charcoal on A2 paper

Next, utilising the fact that we were encircling the model, we had a set of three 10 minute poses. This time the model repeated her seated pose, turning for each, so that everyone could have three drawings from different view points. This was enjoyable, however, my third view was front on and this was the most difficult, as there was little light and dark. This had the effect of flattening the subject and therefore, I subconsciously widened the figure which increased the scale so didn’t fit the paper. Standing back I realised this and then became less precious about the drawing and more scribbly which actually improved it a little.


Our final pose after tea break was around 40 minutes. It was a lying position and the model was again in the centre of the group. This meant that wherever we stood, we had pot luck of a “good” pose – we did have the option of moving, however, I decided to take the challenge of drawing whatever I was given. It turned out to be an interesting view with foreshortening and lots of lumps and bumps! While drawing the figure, it became obvious how important the surrounding fabric/background was for showing the form of the body. I tried to work quickly, moving around the paper and not become too fixated on one or other part of the drawing. I was happy with the solidity of the image and lost and found edges here and there, although still didn’t quite get the feet on the paper in their entirety.

40 minute pose Charcoal on A2 paper

40 minute pose
Charcoal on A2 paper


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