Portrait: Jeanie


09.30-12.30 One Session

Reusing an old box canvas that had a mostly neutral green/burnt sienna acrylic ground.

We were given the choice of head and shoulders or full figure to paint.  Jeanie wore a vibrant jacket with pinks, cerise and mauve tassels and embellishments.  Jeanie was a lovely lady, whose face, as is usual when sitting still for a while, relaxed into quite a serious expression.  Every now and then, she smiled slightly at something that was being said in the class and her face lit up. When this was pointed out to her, she offered to periodically smile as she was sitting, which helped her general demeanour be light and content.

Jeanie 30/04/15 Oil on canvas (acrylic ground) 40x50cm

Oil on canvas (acrylic ground)

Initially, I was a little disappointed with the results of this painting – I hadn’t captured the colourful jacket and I should have added more darks to the left side of the face to give it more form. Every brush stroke appears exaggerated due to the scale which is larger than life. However, as usual, I propped the painting up on the side since the session finished and I quite like the unfinished appearance and the hint of a smile reminds me of the day.

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