Assignment Four: Reflection

Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills:

I work very hard at the technical aspects of drawing and composition, with these things becoming more like second nature the more I do.  I feel more confident in self critiquing my work as I am learning more of what is expected of me.  This section of the course, Drawing Figures, has pushed me to hone my observational skills, particularly by sketching people out and about, trying to tell their “story” in a few lines and marks.  I have tried to use more and different drawing tools, in particular the bamboo pen and ink.  This was the first time I’d tried it and I enjoyed the different feel and variety of marks possible.  Design is a part of composition that has come to the fore as I can now envisage an image more clearly in the lines that I see ie diagonals, verticals and horizontals, and how they lead the eye around a scene to create a drawing or painting.

Quality of Outcome content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas

I believe now, that I am more confident of translating what I have in my mind onto paper or whatever, the effort put into planning and trying out ideas has paid dividends.  I am learning not only is what is included, but also what is excluded can be fundamental to the final result.  Having recently converted to using an online blog, I enjoy collating my work and thoughts into a format that is clear and readable visually.

Demonstration of Creativity imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice

This is still my biggest area for development.  I think I will always say this because it is the crux of progression.  However, I need to bring my imagination into play more freely.  My sketchbooks are my lifeblood as I go through this course.  I am beginning to use them more experimentally, noting things as they occur to me, planning, playing and analysing, noting things for later, referring backwards and forwards.  I still have the tendency to be free within the sketchbook but tighten up when producing a final piece of work.  I need to learn to carry this through to the end and not lose courage.

Context reflection, research, critical thinking (learning log)

My learning log together with my sketchbooks contain a lot of self analytical notes.  Recently, I have noticed that I tend to “argue” with myself over points in pieces of work – “is that right?”, “I’m undecided about…” etc.  I’ve realised that if I have to question something I’ve done, then it’s not right for me and it needs more work, if I can be happy with what I’ve done, it’s probably the best I can do at the time, if not, it’s a case of “that’ll do” and that’s not good enough.

I have tried to review previous points for development and test my progress against them, this was particularly useful in this last assignment.

I have enjoyed reading other students’ blogs, looking at other artists and see how they use found objects in their work.  I am looking forward to revisiting some of the sections in the course in Part 5.  I hope to push and surprise myself and experiment more.

4 thoughts on “Assignment Four: Reflection

  1. Hi Gina, I love reading your blog, you express yourself really well and positively. Good luck with the tutor feedback! Have you decided on your part 5 option yet?


    • Hi Jane – that’s very nice of you to say! I just waffle on! I’m just going through the options for part 5 at the moment, it’s quite a tricky one to decide. I really need to be more imaginative so I may even go back to the first section on mark making but not sure. Btw can you remind me of that OCA forum you mentioned before please? I can’t find it again – would be nice to chat more freely.


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