Project: Proportions – Exercise: The Longer Pose


The Longer Pose

Find a pose that your model is comfortable with and that they can hold for an hour, such as a seated position, with breaks every 20 minutes or so.

The Longer Pose

The Longer Pose – 1 hour with breaks at 20 minute intervals
Conte sticks in Black, Dark Brown, Sanguine, Grey and White, on buff coloured pastel paper.
50 x 35cm


1 hour plus rests – duration 8.30pm to 10.15pm

To check measurements:-

  • using the head – front plane only works on the longest line, head to hip to left knee (facing) down to the heel.  Foreshortening of right leg (facing) made this difficult.
  • used negative spaces eg between knees, between feet, between left forearm and knee (facing)
  • levels of shoulders

Thought right leg (facing) was going to run off the page, but model changed position slightly and increased foreshortening which seemed to bring the foot up a little – or was this wishful thinking?

Not sure I’ve succeeded in making the hips recede enough into the corner of the sofa.  On the whole I am pleased with it – he thinks it looks like him too which is a plus.


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