Project: Gesture – Check and Log


Check & Log

  • How well have you managed to capture the poses? What could be improved?

In the Stance exercise, the poses were simply depicted and most are captured fairly well. Number 3 is a little upright I feel, although the weight is anchored on the model’s right foot correctly. The shoulders are maybe a little too level and not following the diagonal.  With the Energy exercise, as I had a moving target, I think the sketches are representative of what I saw with the exception of the very first one where I was too late to get the arms down convincingly.  Also, it would have been good to have realised the brief and gone larger on the paper to try to get feet and hands in all the sketches, although with hind sight, as I was being a little covert, an easel and bigger sheets of paper would have been trickier logistically.

  • Do you think that your figures balanced?  If not where did you go wrong?

In the Stance sketches, most are balanced and have the weight distributed as was, however, as before, sketch 3 looks a little unnatural. As does number 2, yet he did look that way in life.  With the Energy drawings, although they are moving, waiting for the repetition of a position did allow for fast reworking which probably assisted with correcting any imbalances.

  • How did you go about conveying a sense of energy?

By using the opportunity to watch and draw while my model was doing a workout, it put me in the right frame of mind to be quick when both observing and drawing. I kept working the lines even when waiting for the position I was drawing to re-present itself so there was energy in the marks and in the “poses”.  The first two sketches are the most static as I was a little late with reacting and didn’t have a second chance to get the movement in the mark making I would have liked.

Example of Exercise: Stance

Example of Exercise: Stance

Exercise: Energy Quick pose.

Exercise: Energy
Quick pose.
Liner pen – A4

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