Project: Proportions – Check and Log


Check & Log

  • Have you managed to make a complete statement in this time? What were your main problems?

Short Poses: the 2 minute poses forced me to look at the figure and simplify the drawing.  The first one always instills a sense of panic and I try too hard, subsequent attempts are more fluid and show outline and placement of key parts of the figure and its environment.

Quick poses 2  minute 1

Quick Poses – 2 minutes each
Charcoal on approx A2 sugar paper

Quick poses 2  minute 2

Quick Poses – 2 minutes each
Charcoal on approx A2 sugar paper











The 10 minute poses were the most problematic for me – it’s enough time to repeat the steps in the 2 minute ones but then I begin to fiddle with certain areas instead of looking at the overall subject.

Quick poses 10 minute 1

Quick poses 10 minute
Charcoal on approx A2 sugar paper

Quick poses 10 minute 2

Quick poses 10 minute
Charcoal on approx A2 sugar paper






The Longer Pose: I enjoyed this exercise and splitting the hour into 20 minute sittings with a 5-10 minute break worked well.  In the first third, I concentrated on outline, placement and proportion, in the next, tone and limited colour – finally in the last 20 minutes, I reiterated line and structure and worked on the face and  folds in the T-shirt. The breaks also allowed me to stand back from the drawing and re-evaluate progress.

The Longer Pose

The Longer Pose – 1 hour with breaks at 20 minute intervals
Conte sticks in Black, Dark Brown, Sanguine, Grey and White, on buff coloured pastel paper.
50 x 35cm

The main challenge of the longer pose was for the model – I don’t think my husband believed how hard it would be to keep still for 20 minutes, I did try to warn him. Hopefully, he’ll still be willing to volunteer.  Plus the ratio of the paper and fitting in the entire drawing – see last point below.

  • How well have you captured the characteristics of the pose?

I think this was a little hit and miss in the beginning, short pose 2, 4 ,& 5 came across, but am not sure about the 10 minute ones. In the longer pose I think the character came across strongly – more so than the accuracy, which is probably why I like it.

  • Do the proportions look right? If not, how will you try to improve this?

Unexpectedly, I think the proportions look better in the 2 minute sketches.  The hour-long pose tends to look right but I know the struggle I had, so I’m not totally convinced.  It was interesting that the model said immediately that the proportions were right and he hadn’t been prepped beforehand that this was the purpose of the project. I need to look at it with fresh eyes.

To improve, I could either draw smaller to avoid the feel of squeezing the figure on the paper, or, which I’d rather, re-think the ratios of the paper.  The 10 minute sketches were the same size but the paper ratio was better in that the width and height were closer in size.

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