Part 3 Drawing Outdoors – Assignment 3 Reflection


Assignment 3

View from a Window or an Open Door

Try to find a view that includes some natural objects; trees, shrubs, pot plants, fields or garden plants. Also try to find a view that will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of aerial or linear perspective – in other words a view that has some demonstrable depth to it.  Look for a view that offers an opportunity to draw straight-lined objects as well as items drawn from nature: buildings, walls, fences, gates and so on.  This may seem like a lot to look for, but most views from windows and doors will offer you a bit of all of these things.

Below are two work in progress photographs plus the final piece of work. I did many preliminary sketches, working out orientation, composition, perspective, media, colours and process of execution. However, I am unable to evidence these as my sketchbook has been lost in transit to my tutor. A very frustrating and demoralising experience, I hope never to repeat. Valuable lessons learnt: Blog my learning log – a handmade, handwritten learning log is all well and good when you have it – so here I am blogging for the first time in my life; Photograph EVERYTHING front and back to include all notations made during working; sketchbook, tricky one because it does have to be physically seen at some point, but still as before photograph EVERYTHING, every page, every mark, every note. A couple of my exercises have been completely lost with no photographic evidence. Still hoping for a miracle that one day, someone will find my carefully taped and labelled A2 portfolio and send it on or back to me.


Part Three Drawing Outdoors Assignment Three: A View from a Window or an Open Door  Work in Progress 1

Part Three Drawing Outdoors
Assignment Three:
A View from a Window or an Open Door
Work in Progress 1


Part Three Drawing Outdoors Assignment Three: A View from a Window or an Open Door Work in Progress 2

Part Three Drawing Outdoors
Assignment Three:
A View from a Window or an Open Door
Work in Progress 2












Part Three Drawing Outdoors Assignment Three: A View from a Window or an Open Door  Final Piece View from the Summerhouse, Late Morning, Bright Sunshine

Part Three Drawing Outdoors
Assignment Three:
A View from a Window or an Open Door
Final Piece
View from the Summer-house, Late Morning, Bright Sunshine
Watercolour Pencils, Drawing & Marker Pens on A3 Heavyweight Watercolour Paper


Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

Have tried to expand the materials I use in this entire section, including conte pencils and sticks, marker pens and different types of pastel.  I have discovered a preference for drawing pen over pencil but will keep varying media to experiment. I have also tried to vary my mark making, particularly to describe textures and tones there-in.

I feel that my observational and compositional skills continue to grow and am pushing myself with challenging choices. I have continued to use smaller sketches as preparatory source material and am fully engaged with the need to produce different orientations and simple tonal sketches to move larger studies forward.

At the beginning of this section, I clearly struggled with many aspects of perspective, however, I am pleased to see quite dramatic improvement in practice and understanding of the subject.This was achieved through dogged determination and perseverence and studying reference material carefully.

Areas of development: Continue with perspective in practice to achieve a more natural and less mathematical, yet still accurate style; maintain variety of media and not to become too reliant on pen work. Note to self – Have realised that I often ignore the chance to use charcoal and this is a surprise to me as previously, it was the first medium I reached for when drawing – will make a concerted effort to use this in future.

Quality of Outcome

Continuing to plan for end pieces of work and have discovered the value of tonal sketches before committing to the end piece. Understand the importance of presenting work in a structured and aesthetically pleasing way, referencing source material and preparatory sketches to illustrate the process of work. Always making notes as I go through the process of creating work in order to organise my thoughts, and, allowing myself to change my mind through experimentation and analysis of results. Am gradually realising the concept of my ideas in my final pieces of work, whereas previously, what was in my mind would not appear on the paper.

Demonstration of Creativity

I am particularly pleased with the final assignment piece, due to intensive working through my preliminary sketches. I experimented with composition, perspective, tone and media, each moving me on to the next stage. I was particularly taken with the choice of violet for the shadow areas, as it is a warmer colour than blue and helps describe a hot, sunny day.  This I carried through to the final drawing, which I feel retained the atmosphere and feel of the day and scene. I am pleased with the play of light, using complimentary colours and the looser feel yet retaining accuracy. Maybe I am beginning to find a style with light and compositional aspects?

Development area: Will continue to try to loosen up my work and become more expressive.


This has been the toughest section in the course so far – however, having persevered and worked very hard at the perspective in particular – I am very encouraged. Initially there was much research and looking at other artists’ work, which always leaves me itching to get to work myself, however, this was extremely informative and forced me to look at familiar paintings in a more analytical way.  I particularly enjoyed looking at Turner’s paintings and am absolutely convinced of his genius by discovering it for myself rather than just being told.  Hopefully I have communicated this in my learning log. The points raised within my research notes, I hope, have sunk into my brain and influenced my progress in this section.


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