Albrecht Durer – Northern Renaissance


Research Point:

Look at and research artists’ depictions of landscape. For example look at:  Durer’s landscapes are some of the earliest recordings of the northern Renaissance world created. Claude Lorrain’s designed landscapes using classical proportions, the British artist Lowery’s images of industrial life. Make notes in your learning log.

House by a Pond Albert Durer

House by a Pond – watercolour by Albrecht Durer

Have chosen House by a Pond by Albrecht Durer. A simple subject at first glance, a desolate spot for a house needing a boat for access it seems. The style of the house and boat may indicate how things were in the late 15th Century, I am curious whether painted on the spot, from sketches or with some imagination – it is not easy for me to tell.

innsbruck seen from the north

Innsbruck seen from the North by Albrecht Durer

Next choice Innsbruck Seen from the North by Albrecht Durer. An early city scape. It seems that the focus in the castle like building on the left as he has let the right hand side fade back a little.

landscape with canon by albrecht durer

Landscape with Canon by Albrecht Durer

Landscape with Canon by Albrecht Durer. An extremely detailed image with more clearly defind back, middle and foreground than the previous two examples. A technical drawing of the canon, precise architecture and clothing styles of the time. A lot of information is contained within this image. It does appear to be more of a record than purely a work of art.



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